Preparing Your Home for Photography.

Achieving the Best Results!

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality photographs possible!

We put together this guide of simple steps that will help maximize your shoot with minimal effort!

General Tips

- Clean every surface including floors, countertops, mirrors, and windows

- Remove small floor rugs to reveal the floor

- Hide any evidence of pets including beds, food and water bowls, and toys

- Remove personal photographs

- Turn on all lights and lamps

- Replace burned out bulbs using the same color temperature throughout

- Turn off all ceiling fans

- Turn off all TV and computer screens

- Tilt blinds and shutters slightly upwards

Front Exterior

Increase your curb appeal

- Clean up landscaping (lawn, shrubs, leaves, flowers)

- Hide visable water hoses

- Put away trash cans

- Close garage doors

- Move cars from the driveway and the front of the house

Living Room

A place for the family

- Remove stacks of magazines, papers and mail

- De-clutter the fireplace mantel

- Fluff and arrange accent pillows

- Hide remote controls

- Turn off the TV

- Remove pet and kids toys


The heart of the home

- Clear countertops completely (one or two small appliances is fine)

- Absolutely no clutter

- Hide trash cans in the pantry of closet

- Remove magnets and photos from the refridgerator

- Remove hand towels and rugs

- Empty the sink and leave the faucet at an angle

Dining Room

A place for memories

- Clear the table of clutter

- Use a center piece for decoration

- Remove booster and child seats

- Straighten chairs


Rest and relaxation

- Make the bed

- Remove items from under the bed

- Clear night stands and dressers of personal items

- Turn on all lights and leave the fans off

- Put away or straighten up kids toys


Sit back and let go

- Clear countertops completely except for decor

- Remove personal items from the shower and bath

- Remove floor mats and used towels

- Close closet doors

- Put toilet seats down

Back Yard

Make your home an oasis

- Remove clutter from outdoor living spaces

- Straighten outdoor furniture

- Replace faded pillows and cushions

- Remove the pool cleaner and hose

- Hide pool cleaning supplies

- Turn on pool fountains and water features

- Remove pet waste

What to Expect

We are dedicated to showing your home in the best light, but we are only photographers. We ask that you please have your home ready upon arrival of the photographer. We will not move furniture, personal items, boxes or any other large objects. If your house is not ready at the scheduled time it will be photographed as is, however we will assist with suggestions to make your home show better.


By following this guide you will help our photographers stay on schedule and provide you with the best possible quality photographs.


These simple changes can make a world of difference in the presentation of your home and better photographs means a faster sale!