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Q: When will I receive the photos?

A: For Realtor/MLS Services we offer a 24 hour turn around on all photography services and a 48 hour turn around on all video services, however we generally deliver your products as soon as they are finished.

For Builder/Portfolio Services we have a 48 hour turn around but depending on the project it may take longer to unsure you receive the best quality images.

For Commercial Services every project is different so delivery time will be determined at the shoot.

Q: Is there a cancellation fee?

A:  There is no cancellation fee as long as you cancel your appointment by 5pm the day before your shoot. To help avoid this we have a free guide on our website to help your client prepare for their appointment that you can see here.

Q: What if it is raining the day of our appointment?

A:  We all know the weather in Texas can be unpredictable. If there is any precipitation (rain, mist, sleet, snow) at all we are unable to shoot the exteriors for the protection of the photographers equipment and also because the photos will just not turn out that great, and quality is very important to us!

The interiors can still be taken and may even come out better because of the lack of glare through the windows. Exteriors can be done later for a $30 charge.

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